Thank you for your interest at becoming a Ferguson vendor. As the nation's largest wholesaler and distributor of plumbing supplies, we pride ourselves at establishing successful relationships with manufacturers worldwide. We need some basic information about your organization, the products you offer, and your services.

Let's get started! Please complete the new vendor inquiry form below. Once completed, this information is passed directly to our product sourcing management staff for review. If you have a product or service we find suitable for our distribution network, the appropriate party will get back to you as soon as they are able.
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* Which of the following best describes how much business (in US dollar volume per year) you currently conduct with Ferguson Enterprises?
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$ 1,000,000 +
In order to conduct business with Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. you will need to agree that you and/or your company would be willing to accept our Hold Harmless legal agreement and maintain the appropriate levels of liability insurance; $2 million US dollars worth per occurence and $4 million US dollars worth aggregate) and name Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. as the additionally insured.

If you are willing to meet this requirement, you may review our Hold Harmless Agreement by clicking here and then proceed to the next question. Any and all new vendors of Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. are required to agree, comply, and provide a legally viable signed accceptance of the Hold Harmless Agreement. (This would come later in the process if you meet our other requirements.)
* In the cases of potable water system supplies, does your organization offer lead-free products?
We do not carry potable water system supplies

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